Frequent question: Why is English important in tourism?

Having good English communication skills enables tourism workers, to engage themselves with tourists in various business transactions and tourism activities. This is why all tourism practitioners are urged to continuously enhance their English skills.

Why is language important to tourism?

The importance of language in tourism has grown exponentially and has come to influence all aspects of social life. … In fact, for professionals in this industry, it is essential not only to attract visitors to the places where they explore the activity, but also to ensure that tourists will have a memorable experience.

Why is English so important for business for tourism?

(Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2019). It is the lingua franca of today’s business world and is used for business communication in Thailand. … Therefore, learning English language based on this context is needed by tour guides because it supports and helps them to use English language in their real professional setting.

Why is public speaking important to tourism?

Mahendra Thakur said Public speaking is important because it helps you to improve your knowledge. The preparation that goes into a speech and the fact that you have to work out how to communicate with others effectively makes you understand your content better.

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Why is English so important in the service industry?

As English is the language of the globalized business world, effective and excellent communication and adequate English language competency is essential for better guest experience and hence better efficiency, productivity and , in the long run, profitability of the industry.

How does language impact the tourism professional?

The language choice and proficiency provide confidence to the staff member bearing a lot of impact on guest satisfaction. If you are not able to relate to your customer, to understand their needs, and to have a mutual dialogue, your business is dead.

Is English important for an individual in your country and why?

English skills matter because they give people access to a wider range of information, a more diverse, international network, and more job opportunities than ever before. They also matter at the national level because they can tell us a lot about a country’s level of innovation, competitiveness, and future prospects.