How do I upload a virtual tour to MLS?

How do I add a virtual tour to MLS paragon?

Simply Click on the Listings button on the main menu in Paragon, then under the Maintain column click on Listings. Locate the listing you want to add the virtual tour or video tour to and click on Select an Action. The Select An Action modal will open. Click on Virtual Tour.

How do I copy a virtual tour?

How to use the Copy Function?

  1. From the Virtual Tours’ listing locate the tour that you would like to duplicate and open it.
  2. In the Virtual Tour Options page click on the button “make a copy of this virtual tour”.
  3. A prompt window will open asking you to verify the process. …
  4. The process of duplicating the tour will start.

Can you add videos to Zillow?

Yes, agents and photographers can upload professional videos to Zillow listings. … We will send the listing agent an email when the video is ready for the listing agent to publish to the Zillow listing.

What is an unbranded video?

Videos used on the MLS as Virtual Tours may not be posted to the Realtor’s or the office’s YouTube account, as no information associated with the Realtor may be viewed via the video on the MLS listing.

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How do I add a virtual tour to Triangle MLS?

In the same line as the listing you would like to add the virtual tour, go to the far right and choose the Select an Action option. When the Select an Action menu appears, select the Add/Edit Virtual Tour option. You can now add the URL of the virtual tour you’d like to add to the listing.

How do you add a video to Paragon?

How to do this:

  1. Sign in to your Paragon account.
  2. Locate your listing.
  3. Click Maintain Listing.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and locate where it says URL, click the drop-down arrow on the right.
  5. Right click in this box and select paste (the link should appear)
  6. Select Submit.

Can you upload to Matterport?

When you have completed the scan of the property, connect to a stable WiFi connection. Then select the Upload button in the Matterport Capture app. Once the scan is uploaded to your Matterport account, Cortex will start processing the data.

How do I add 3D tour to Zillow MLS?

To add it, email Zillow at with the property address and the Matterport link that FPM sent you when your Matterport was ready. Zillow’s support team will add it to your listing on the backend of their system.