How do you become a VIP tour guide at Disneyland?

How much do Disneyland VIP tour guides make?

The national average salary for a Walt Disney World VIP Tour Guide is $42,273 in United States.

Walt Disney World VIP Tour Guide Salaries.

Job Title Salary
Walt Disney Company Walt Disney World VIP Tour Guide salaries – 2 salaries reported $17/hr

How do I become a Disneyland tour guide?

Disney maintains a database of available jobs on its website. Applicants can narrow down their choices by park and type of job. Disney will not typically hire tour guides from outside the park. Instead, interested tour guides are expected to start at guest relations and work their way up to become tour guides.

How much does a Disney guide cost?

Guests of Walt Disney World Resorts can hire a VIP Guide for $315/hour for a minimum of six hours. That means the minimum cost for a VIP guide is $1890 (not including the cost of tickets). You can, however, bring up to 10 people with one VIP Guide.

How much are Disney plaids?

How much does this cost? So much. Seriously, between $350-$500 per hour. Although you can have up to 10 people on the private tour, you need to book a minimum of 6 hours.

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What does Disney VIP tour include?

VIP Tours include a tour guide for each tour group up to 10 people, access to the FastPass+ line for every attraction in all four parks at Walt Disney World (the exception being some brand new rides depending on popularity), a VIP Tour pin, snacks, backstage access into the parks to save time, and a van to get from …

How do you get into Club 33?

Club 33 is a secret five-star restaurant that the regular public cannot access. There are only two ways to get into Club 33: being an exclusive member, or being invited by one. Membership costs up to $100,000 annually, with a reported $12,500 to $30,000 in additional annual fees.

How do you not stand in line at Disneyland?

Arrive for rope drop

The most straightforward way to stand in line less at Disneyland — on any day — is simply to be in the parks during the lowest crowd times of the day. The crowds are always much smaller first thing in the morning.

How do celebrities go to Disneyland?

They’re often accompanied by an official Disney tour guide

With a purchase of a VIP Tour, celebrity guests are escorted by tour guides (dressed in a plaid vest and often spewing out Disney facts to pass the time). These guides help them plan their day, get them to the fastest wait times, and more.

Can you do Rise of the Resistance on VIP tour?

According to Disney, a VIP Tour at Walt Disney World can now get you a ride on Rise of the Resistance. … Keep in mind, though, that unlike other attractions at the Disney World theme parks, Rise of the Resistance can only be expeirenced once per day on a VIP tour.

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Do Disney VIP tours skip lines?

A Private VIP Tour is the ULTIMATE way to skip the lines in Disney World. You’ll get to pick everything you want to see and do, and your tour guide will customize your day for you. You can park-hop and skip the lines at many attractions, while your VIP Tour Guide shares fun facts about what’s around you.

Are Disney VIP tours commissionable?

Disney officials also announced all 2019 pre-/post-night Adventures by Disney Land packages at any hotel are commissionable. Travel agents who already booked a pre-/post-night Adventures by Disney Land Package for a client will also receive a commission.

Can you pay to skip lines at Disneyland?

Walt Disney World and Disneyland will now charge visitors up to $20 a day to skip lines for rides, a perk that was previously free. … 19 at Walt Disney World Resort.

What do plaids do at Disney?

What Does a Plaid Do? Disney offers concierge services at many of their resorts and even some stores. So, I worry that I’m going to confuse you with the terminology here, but the reality is that Plaids are elite concierges. Their job is to cater to your every whim during your dream Disney day.