Question: Can a foreign corporation be a CFC and PFIC?

If you look back to our definition of a PFIC, it appears as though a foreign company can concurrently be a CFC and a PFIC. … 70% of the company’s gross income is passive income; or. 50% of the company’s assets are passive assets.

Can a company be a CFC and a PFIC?

The general rules involving the CFC and PFIC overlap are complicated, and can generally be found in section 1297 (Passive Foreign Investment Company) If a U.S. Shareholder is considered a direct owner of a PFIC and CFC, then usually the CFC rules will trump, so that the PFIC will not become subject to the CFC rules.

Is a PFIC a foreign corporation?

A foreign corporation is a PFIC for U.S. federal income tax purposes for any taxable year in which (i) at least 75% of its gross income is “passive” income (the “Income Test”), or (ii) at least 50% of the average value of its gross assets consist of assets that produce or are held to produce passive income (the “Asset …

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Can a foreign trust be a CFC?

If the foreign trust has investments in foreign corporations, the presence of a U.S. beneficiary may have the unfortunate effect of subjecting the U.S. beneficiary to two special U.S. taxing regimes: those applicable to “controlled foreign corpora- tions” (“C.F.C.’s”) and those applicable to “passive foreign investment …

What are the requirements for a foreign corporation to be a controlled foreign corporation for U.S. tax purposes?

Controlled Foreign Corporation Defined A controlled foreign corporation is any foreign corporation in which more than 50 percent of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock entitled to vote is owned directly, indirectly, or constructively by U.S. shareholders on any day during the taxable year of such …

Can a publicly traded company be a PFIC?

Generally, a publicly traded foreign corporation will be classified as a PFIC if 50% or more of the average gross value of its assets, determined at the end of each quarter, is attributable to assets such as cash or cash equivalents that produce passive income.

What is a CFC and PFIC?

CFCs and PFICs in a Territorial World. The CFC and PFIC regimes prevent U.S. taxpayers from deferring U.S. tax by earning income through non-U.S. corporations. A territorial tax system generally permits foreign subsidiaries to earn and repatriate their business earnings to U.S. parents free of U.S. tax.

What constitutes a CFC?

A controlled foreign corporation (CFC) is a corporate entity that is registered and conducts business in a different jurisdiction or country than the residency of the controlling owners.

Is Vanguard A PFIC?

A common question we hear is, “how do I identify a PFIC?” A key point to understand is that mutual funds from U.S. companies with international investments—like Vanguard, for example—are generally not considered PFICs.

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How do you know if a company is a PFIC?

Generally speaking, a PFIC is a non-US business entity which is: (i) treated as a corporation for US tax purposes (including, as a default matter, a UK limited company), and which (ii) meets one of two tests during the taxable year: (A) 75% or more of the company’s yearly gross income is passive in nature (e.g. …

Can a US trust have a foreign trustee?

Naming a non-US citizen as a trustee may result in the trust being considered a foreign trust. … A US citizen trustee will not likely incur additional income tax consequences because the trust will be likely be considered a domestic trust and taxed accordingly.

Does a foreign trust need an EIN?

Use EINs to identify the foreign trust.

Only an EIN should be used to identify the foreign trust in Part I, Line 1b of Form 3520-A. If the foreign trust does not have an EIN, refer to How to Apply for an EIN.

What is a foreign non-grantor trust?

Foreign nongrantor trusts: All foreign trusts that are not grantor trusts are considered nongrantor trusts for U.S. purposes. For U.S. income tax purposes, foreign nongrantor trusts are not generally subject to U.S. tax, unless the trust earns U.S. source or effectively connected income.

How do you determine if a foreign corporation is a CFC?

In general, a foreign corporation is a CFC if more than 50 percent of its voting power or value is owned by U.S. Shareholders. A U.S. Shareholder of a foreign corporation is a U.S. person who owns 10 percent or more of the total voting power of that foreign corporation.

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What is a CFC disclosure?

To tell us about your interest in a controlled foreign company (CFC) you’ll need a few details: your IRD number. the company’s name. the country where the company is incorporated or where it’s a tax resident. the market value in New Zealand dollars at the beginning or end of your income year.

Is a branch a CFC?

For a full definition of a CFC, refer to s 340° 20 By definition the only companies that cannot be CFCs are those resident in Australia. of the 1TAA are relevant in determining the assessability of branch profits. Unlisted country: … (a) branch * unlisted country; * listed country.