Why does a comb rubbed on dry hair attracts pieces of paper?

Initially, the comb is electrically neutral. So it has no effect on the tiny pieces of paper. When the comb is rubbed on a dry cloth, it gets electrically charged. This charged comb exerts an electric force on the tiny pieces of paper and attracts them.

When you rub comb through dry hair it attracts small bits of paper Why?

When comb runs through dry hair, it attracts small bits of paper. This is because the comb gets charged by friction. Comb gets electrically charged by friction. Due to electric charge, paper gets polarized and it attracts small bits of paper.

When a comb is rubbed against hair the comb attracts the bits of paper why Class 8?

ANSWER: The paper is initially attracted to the comb because the comb causes separation of charge in the paper. The part of the paper pieces with positive charge is attracted to the comb. When the paper touches the comb, some of the excess negative charge in the comb is transferred to the paper.

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When we comb our dry hair the hair is attracted to the comb the force involved in this is?

When the comb runs through dry hair, it gets charged by friction. The molecules in the paper get polarized by the charged comb, resulting in a net force of attraction.

What happens to the comb when dry hair is combed?

Answer: When the comb runs through dry hair, it gets charged by friction. … If the hair is wet, or if it is a rainy day, the friction between the hair and comb reduces.

Why does hair attract to a comb?

When a comb is run through your hair charges pass between your hair and the comb, so the comb becomes charged either positively or negatively, and the hair oppositely charged. When the comb is brought close to paper an opposite charge is induced in the paper, and the opposite charges attract.

What happens when a dry metal comb is rubbed through dry hair?

Answer: Explanation: Nothing will happen because metal comb will not charge while rubbing with dry hair as compared to plastic comb.

When a comb is rubbed with dry hair both comb and paper get similarly charged?

Correct: A comb rubbed with hair and brought near pieces of r paper attracts them, because both have dissimilar charges.

When a comb is rubbed on dry hair it gets charged?

Complete step by step answer:irstly, when the comb is used to rub dry hair, it always acquires a negative charge or electron which the hair carries, where the comb is induced with the electron gotten from the hair then immediately the comb which is negatively charged comes in contact with the piece of paper which is …

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What happens when you comb your hair with a plastic comb?

If you comb your hair, for example, electrons leave the atoms and molecules in your hair and travel to the plastic comb. The comb, covered in negatively charged electrons, becomes negatively charged as well, and your hair is left with a positive charge. … Shocks come from gaining or losing electric charge in a hurry.

Why would torn paper be more attractive to the comb than cut paper?

Charge accumulates more easily on sharp points rather than edges. Torn pieces of paper have more sharp points (look at it under a magnifying glass, or better yet, a microscope!) compared to cut paper.